Ed McMahon Raps in FreeCreditReport.com Ad

A new low for the financially challenged former Johnny Carson sidekick.


After nearly losing his house and appearing on the Larry King Show in a neck brace, Johnny Carson's former sidekick, Ed McMahon, has apparently sold his last remaining shred of dignity to FreeCreditReport.com.

McMahon has reportedly agreed to appear in commercials for the company in a tracksuit while rapping about his financial misfortunes.

The raps reportedly included references to ninjas, nunchucks, and "the haters."

From The Associated Press, via The Real Estate Bloggers:

Ed McMahon has an unexpected new job title: rapper. The 85-year-old former "Tonight Show" sidekick will star in two viral rap videos for FreeCreditReport.com, a financial Web site owned by credit bureau Experian.

The videos feature McMahon wearing a tracksuit, being chauffeured around Los Angeles in a Cadillac Escalade golf cart and waxing lyrical about his very public financial troubles.

"I knew I could sing the blues, but I didn't know I could rap," McMahon said Wednesday.


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