Mortgage Bankers Heckled at Annual Convention

Protesters angered by industry's role in the financial crisis.

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Looks like there were some uninvited guests at the Mortgage Bankers Association's annual convention in San Francisco...

From the San Francisco Chronicle, via

A noisy but contained protest greeted delegates to the Mortgage Bankers Association's 95th annual convention, which began Monday at Moscone Center, as the real estate finance industry is tarred by association with a housing market that's collapsed like a deck of cards along with the financial strife that followed...

The resulting consumer anger was palpable Monday morning when about 40 protesters greeted some of the early attendees of the mortgage bankers' gathering. Marching before the conference center, they carried signs saying "Jail them, don't bail them" and "Grand theft bailout." A steady stream of slogans and chanting accompanied the signs, laying blame at the gathered industry.