Banks Slated for Bailout Cash: Current List

A look at the banks in line to get capital from the Treasury Department


Here's a look at the banks that have lined up capital injections from Treasury so far:

CompanyBillions Bank of America25.000 Citigroup25.000 JPMC25.000 Wells Fargo25.000 Goldman Sachs10.000 Morgan Stanley10.000 PNC7.700 Capital One3.550 Regions3.500 SunTrust3.500 Fifth Third3.450 BB&T3.100 BONYMellon3.000 KeyCorp2.500 Comerica2.250 State Street2.000 Marshall & Ilsley1.700 Northern Trust1.500 Huntington1.400 Zions1.400 First Horizon0.866 City National (CA)0.395 Valley National (NJ)0.330 United Commercial (CA)0.298 Umpqua Holdings Corp.0.214 Washington Federal (WA)0.200 First Niagara (NY)0.186 HF Financial0.025 Saigon National (CA)0.012 Provident Bankshares0.000Approved, but hasn't acceptedOld National Bancorp (IN)0.000Approved, but hasn't acceptedTotal of 250B163.076