How Much Bailout Cash Will Barack Obama Have?

Treasury plans to leave a big chunk of the $700 billion fund to the next administration.

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During a hearing in the House Financial Services Committee Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson indicated that he would leave a significant chunk of the $700 billion bailout fund for Barack Obama's new administration to allocate.

"If we have learned anything throughout this year, we have learned that this financial crisis is unpredictable and difficult to counteract," Paulson said in his prepared testimony. "So early last week, we concluded it was only prudent to reserve our TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program] capacity, maintaining not only our flexibility, but that of the next administration."

There's no shortage of interests clamoring for a piece of the cash. Everyone from Detroit's automakers to local governments has a hand out.

Here's a look at how much cash is left in the bailout piggy bank as of now: 

Obama, Barack

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