Sheila Bair Likely to Stay at FDIC

Republican official is poised to continue her role in the Obama administration.

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After winning praise from congressional Democrats—while locking horns with colleagues in the Bush administration—FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair appears poised to keep her post once Barack Obama takes office.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Obama was complimentary of Ms. Bair on Tuesday and two advisers said afterward that it was likely she would remain in her post.

"I do think that the F.D.I.C. and Sheila Bair have had the sense of urgency about the problem that I want to see," Mr. Obama said in an interview. "And so, you know, we haven't made any official statements on this yet, but I think generally they've been on the case with the resources that they have to try to shore up the system."

If she remains, Ms. Bair will be one of a small handful of Republican holdovers in senior posts.