The Foreclosed Home Boat Tour

A new approach to selling real estate in the heart of the housing crash.

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I'm holding out for the foreclosed home helicopter tour…

From The Associated Press:

Having made national news last year with his bus tours of vacant homes here in the county that leads the nation in foreclosures, [Florida real estate agent Marc] Joseph is now attacking by sea, filling boats weekly with curious snowbirds, international tourists, potential investors and local lookie-loos.

A three-hour tour on this warm afternoon included four abodes ranging from a 2,000 square-foot ranch-style place with an algae-covered hot tub out back for $279,000, to a McMansion that was purchased for $1.1 million a few years ago and is now being offered for $669,000.

At the latter, an opulent 3,000-square-foot residence, Joseph gestures to the mangroves waving in the breeze 40 yards across the canal. "This is all owned by the state — your view is never going to change," he says…

Joseph sees the boat tour as a way to snag opportunistic buyers who can afford a little larger piece of the Florida dream.

"There's a little fear in the economy, but you've got to understand where you're at, guys," he lectures at one stop. "The sun is still shining. Our roads are full, our beaches are packed. People are down here looking. The product will not last long."