Man Mistakenly Boarded into Foreclosed Home

The man had lived in the house for his entire life.

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Here's a new one: A Minneapolis man was accidentally boarded into a foreclosed home--in which he had lived for his entire life--after the property was believed to be vacant, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. (Via The Real Estate Bloggers):

Monica Castrejon, a representative of the contractor, Castrejon Inc., said her company was directed to board the front and back doors.

"We do the job," she said. "We don't make the decisions."

It's the city's job to ensure the place is empty when the boards go on, she said.

Velde said the contractor typically yells into the house before the boards go on. It isn't standard practice to walk through, she said, because it's sometimes unsafe.

"There was a truck that left," she said. "The officer believed all of the occupants were out of the property at that point."