A Dream Job's Dark Underbelly

Your work can threaten your health, especially if you eat for a living.


Another dream job bites the dust. This time, New York Times reporter Kim Severson shares an ugly truth about food writing, which is, of course, the sort of gig that seemed impervious to ugly truths. But it turns out that one can try too many morsels of pork belly and duck foie gras terrine and end up with a serious health problem:

If 1960s Las Vegas had its Rat Pack and 1980s cinema its Brat Pack, early 21st century food has its Fat Pack....

The journalists, bloggers, chefs and others who make up the Fat Pack combine an epicure's appreciation for skillful cooking with a glutton's bottomless-pit approach. Cramming more than three meals into a day, once the last resort of a food critic on deadline, has become a way of life. If the meals center on meat, so much the better.

Some Fat Pack members are finding their way to better health. Severson reports on the healthful diet overhaul undertaken by Jason Perlow, a founder of eGullet, and the weight loss efforts of food writer Ed Levine.

It's a good reminder that even dream jobs have downsides: too much travel, too many paparazzi, too much responsibility, or too much caviar and crème fraîche.

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