Finished Sentences: Restaurateur Michael Schwartz

The owner of an acclaimed Miami restaurant divulges his favorite liquid breakfast.

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is chef and owner of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in Miami, a restaurant that New York Times food critic Frank Bruni recently said "feeds you so well, in such an unforced way, that you slip into a state of contentment that's pure. Honest. Genuine."

Schwartz has been helming restaurants in Miami since the mid-1990s. He opened Michael's last year. Popular British chef Jamie Oliver told the Miami Herald last month that the restaurant ranks among America's 10 best.

No doubt Schwartz is a busy man, but he still had time to finish a few of our sentences, offering a quick peek into the real life and career of a restaurateur, via E-mail:

1. My job title should really read... "camp counselor and head baby sitter."

2. Breakfast this morning consisted of... "double espresso and two mouthfuls of vitamins."

3. The toughest thing about my day is... "getting out of bed."

4. When I'm not working, I make time for... "family, of course (and eating and reading and paying bills)."

5. If my 10-year-old self could see me now, he would say... "Wow, that's cool!!"

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