Are Typo-Tyrants Out of Touch?

Blogger Penelope Trunk says energy should be spent somewhere else.

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There's a fascinating discussion underway at careers blogger and author Penelope Trunk's site. It's all abot typos. Sorry, it's all about typos.

See, Trunk says typo-tyrants who demand perfection of bloggers are out of touch, because there's "a new economy for writing. The focus has shifted toward taking risks with conversation and ideas, and away from hierarchical input (the editorial process) and perfection."

I think my favorite point in Trunk's argument is in "Spellchecker isn't perfect":

And anyway, it's nearly impossible for us to catch the errors that Spellchecker misses. If it were tenable to proofread one's own stuff, then there would never have been a copy editor to begin with. And there is research to show that if the first and last letter of a word are correct then our brain adjusts for all the letters in between.

So, I gesus my etidor will udnresntad this?