Do You Have a McClellan in Your Office?

Employers should ask themselves a couple of questions to measure the damage.

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Do employers everywhere need to start worrying about Scott McClellanites?

From Fistful of Talent:

Instead, I'm here to point out that every workplace has their Scott McClellan(s). Not whistle-blowers—those folks speak up while they are in the belly of the ship. No, the workplace equivalent of Scott McClellan is the individual who leaves the workplace and then turns negative toward your company, your leadership, etc. They do this by keeping in contact with the employees who remain, via phone calls, E-mails, or simply maintaining social ties with their workplace friends. Then they vent that you don't know what you are doing.

Blogger Kris Dunn says employers need to focus on what existing employees think about the departed employee: "Do they think the former employee is right? A hero? That he's crazy? Disgruntled?"

Dunn recommends that employers ask two questions:

1. Is he able to recruit multiple employees to go with him? (only applies to those moving to roles where recruiting a team is part of the role)

2. After he left, was there a rash of resignations with issues similar to those he's being negative about?

If the answer is yes to one or both questions, the employees have voted—and they tend to agree with your equivalent of Scott McClellan.

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