Job Loss Advice for Hillary Clinton

After a layoff or a loss, resist the urge to give your boss an earful and let go of your pride.


Corrected on 06/09/08:An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported the date of Hillary Clinton's resignation. Clinton conceded on Saturday, June 7.

Hillary Clinton lost her job this weekend. Sure, she gets to stay in the Senate, but her full-time job has really been Democratic presidential candidate and campaigner—and it definitely came to an end Saturday afternoon. Just in time, the folks at the National Foundation for Credit Counseling passed along some tips on surviving a job loss. Some of the advice is quite apt:

Resist the urge to tell your boss what you truly think of him or her. Remember, you may need him or her as a reference for a future job.

Clinton showed a good deal of graciousness toward Senator Obama in her speech Saturday. Her real boss, though, is the American public. It won't be a good career move if she gives voters a tongue lashing for not picking her.

Take advantage of any assistance your workplace offers. Many companies provide placement assistance, job retraining, and severance packages. Make sure you are aware of all benefits offered.

Apply for any applicable government benefits. Your HR representative at work will be a good resource.

Vice president, cabinet secretary, Supreme Court justice? Clinton's campaign says she not seeking the VP spot. Come on now, that's just pride talking.

Have a family meeting that includes the children. You don't want people pulling in different directions, and a joint effort yields a greater result. Make cutbacks wherever possible, knowing that this austere lifestyle will only be temporary. Resolve to stop all nonessential spending immediately.

"So, Chelsea. How does 2012 sound?"

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