A Layoff Deserves a Greeting Card

Hallmark sells sentiments appropriate for sending to someone who has been laid off.

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A layoff is distressing and embarrassing, but that's no reason not to send a card, reports the News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C .

Hallmark makes cards specifically for layoffs, and sending them can "demonstrate your bonhomie and business etiquette," according to the story.

A layoff card from Hallmark reaffirms that the recipient has deeper value than the job title that's now a fading memory: "I hope you'll take pride in all you've accomplished and realize how much you have yet to give," the card reads. The subtext: We care about you, even if the system doesn't.

Earlier this month, the newspaper reported that Kansas City-based Hallmark would itself be cutting 335 jobs in the United States and Canada.


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