Kiss the Company Goodbye With Class, Not Color

Colorful resignation letters may become legendary online, but most of us should stick to the basics.

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If you've decided to quit your job for another—or for quiet days chopping wood and reading Tom Clancy novels—you may be wondering how to say farewell. For a good list of colorful resignation letters, check out Craig Silverman's blog.

Resignation letters have been a popular blog topic over the past couple of weeks, after Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield drafted his resignation satire describing Yahoo as a "sheet-tin concern." No surprise, then, to hear his decreasing sense of relevance as the company branched out into copper, corrugated steel, aeronautical frames, precision controls, brewing, lighting, and oil exploration. If you're confused, read it here.

Most of us ought to say goodbye with fewer words. In your brief letter, tell the company you're leaving, and state your last day. It's wise to express your appreciation for the opportunities you've been given, despite frustrations or disappointments you may have had. That's about it.




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