How to Build a Beautiful Résumé

A colorful gallery highlights the best résumé aesthetics.


Résumés can be beautiful, says JobMob. Check out their gallery of lovely résumé designs "that really work."

Just don't forget that content is key. All the colors and images in the world won't make a sluggish short-timer shine.

Perhaps more useful is good writing advice, like this, from the late language expert Paul McHenry Roberts, quoted in the Dosh Dosh Blog:

Get rid of obvious padding. "Instead of stuffing your sentences with straw, you must try steadily to get rid of the padding, to make your sentences lean and tough.... You dig up more real content. Instead of taking a couple of obvious points off the surface of the topic and then circling warily around them for six paragraphs, you work in and explore, figure out the details. You illustrate."

Or this:

Beware of Pat Expressions. "Other things being equal, avoid phrases like 'other things being equal.' Those sentences that come to you whole, or in two or three doughy lumps, are sure to be bad sentences. They are no creation of yours, but pieces of common thought floating in the community soup.... No writer avoids them altogether, but good writers avoid them more often than poor writers."


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