Few Females Are Among Silicon Valley Celebs

NowPublic identifies what it says are the 50 most influential people. You can decide for yourself.

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If you believe what social news gathering site NowPublic has to say, these are the most influential folks in Silicon Valley. I say folks generously. It's mostly men. (You'll find a much better showing among the ladies in last week's list of the most influential people in New York. See Arianna Huffington at No. 2.)

At any rate, here's the top half of the top 50 list for Silicon Valley, as measured by online visibility, presence on Web 2.0 sites, interactivity and accessibility, and presence on microblogging platforms like Twitter:

  1. Robert Scoble
  2. Michael Arrington
  3. Jack Dorsey
  4. Biz Stone
  5. Matt Cutts
  6. Pete Cashmore
  7. Dave Winer
  8. Guy Kawasaki
  9. Loïc Le Meur
  10. Kevin Rose
  11. Merlin Mann
  12. Stowe Boyd
  13. Jeff Atwood
  14. Jeremiah Owyang
  15. Veronica Belmont
  16. Kara Swisher
  17. Scott Beale
  18. Marc Andreessen
  19. Ryan Block
  20. David Sifry
  21. Emily Chang
  22. Om Malik
  23. Timothy Ferriss
  24. Nick Douglas
  25. John Battelle
  26. David Cohn

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