The Inside Job Has a New Focus

The blog will focus on how we can stay and succeed in the jobs we're in right now.


When I started writing the Inside Job in March, I wasn't sure how best to blog about careers, so I sort of tried everything. The quickest way, of course, to do nothing well is to try to do everything—particularly in the world of blogs, where niche tends to reign.

I'm going to focus on improving your at-work life—how to succeed and survive exactly where you are right now. (In the past, I've tackled research on nutrition and productivity, why you need to make it home in time for dinner, and why telling white lies at work can be ruinous.)

Many of us have seen our job mobility lessen in this tightened labor market. A recent survey from Working America found 50 million Americans felt they needed to stick with a bad boss because of the current economic conditions. So, we may need to learn skills that will allow us to prosper in a workplace that isn't our ideal—one that we may earlier have been planning to leave. Drop me a note and let me know if you're staying put in a job for longer than you had anticipated. Let me know of some of the challenges you're facing, and we'll tackle them here.

For the most part, I'll be leaving the issues of choosing a career, finding a job, and leaving a job to the hiring managers, executives, and HR experts who handle our Outside Voices blog. They live and breathe this stuff, and they're sharing their insider knowledge with us. Check out recent advice on handling your resignation, the aftermath of a firing, or preparing yourself for a career or job change.


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