Can Your Favorite Colors Reveal Your Career?

This quiz says so.

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It's hard to know what to make of many of the career assessments out there. I leave accuracy up to the pros and largely measure based on brevity and interest. In those regards, here's a good one:

The Color Career Counselor, offered by Careerbuilder's, quizzes you several times on your favorite colors and then analyzes your personality.


The Color Career Counselor is the world's first nonlanguage test to define occupational interests. It uses color preference to determine successful career paths. The test is based on the multi-patented Dewey Color System, which is the world's only scientifically validated color-based personality test - published in the North American Journal of Psychology.

I took the quiz yesterday and—while I'm fairly certain I changed my "favorite" more than once—it was surprisingly accurate.

It told me I'm a "creator" type. Apparently I need to express myself—often—and I value aesthetics, imagination and learning. (It also says I am impulsive and emotional, but much of those traits have been trained out of me. I think.)

As for my ideal occupations—Reporter makes the list! (As does editor; so boss, you better watch out.)