Go Compliment Your Most Annoying Coworker

Careerealism challenges employees to bring compliments back to the office.


Here's a workplace challenge that involves more guts than gray matter. The Careerealism blog is challenging readers to compliment the most irritating person in their office.

A little primer on the purpose of the exercise:

1. Compliments and appreciation are two different things. People tend to overuse appreciation and under-utilize compliments on-the-job.

2. Compliments are free, and thus, a great work perk that can be distributed by both management AND employees during economic downturns and corporate cutbacks.

3. Compliments improve relationships between two people.

4. Compliments feel good to give and receive.

It's not so hard—I'm sure Jim could come up with a compliment for Dwight.

In truth, this "challenge" is really a good habit to cultivate every day. When you give a compliment, you force yourself to see the strengths in someone else, which is a learning experience for you. For example, it may be easy to dislike a coworker's brash and selfish nature, but then it becomes easy to overlook his writing skills—a talent that you ought to be cultivating as well.


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