You're Lucky if You're in Advertising

Talent shortages mean there's lots of room to grow.


It can be really frustrating to work in an industry that seems to be growing less attractive to talented workers. But it can also be a great thing for your career.

In this video from, Nancy Hill, CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, detailed recruiting and retention problems in the advertising industry. Hill, speaking at an industry luncheon, says the industry's single biggest challenge is: "Finding the talent, compensating the talent, growing the talent, keeping the talent—when they have so many other options from Google to Microsoft to Hollywood."

It wasn't always a problem, Hill says: "Twenty-some years ago when I got into this business, if you were smart and you had a creative bent, advertising agencies were where you went."

The good news, for people who are in the advertising industry, is that it's clearly a great time to show off your skills and move up the ladder. They need to hang on to you if you're good.

Advertising isn't alone in its talent concerns. An AchieveGlobal study released today found that 60 percent of companies in the United States face a gap in the "leadership pipeline," as baby boomers retire. That means strong employees with leadership skills will likely find there's space at the top of the ladder in many industries.


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