Vote: Does Smoking Hurt Your Career?

One blogger says smoking signals weakness and stigmatizes workers.

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What effect, if any, does a smoking habit have on a person's career and opportunities for advancement?

Over at Jobacle today, Andrew G.R. details "the perils of smoking at work":

• Smoking can be a sign of weakness to management.

• It creates a certain perception at work. Smoking is a controversial topic these days, and it depends which person is making the perception whether it is good or bad. Regardless, there is always a stigma attached to the title of "smoker."

• You smell. Sorry, I don't have a nice way to say it. Although I have given up work smoking completely, I enjoy the occasional with a beer. I smell when I do it, and so do you.

I'm curious to know what the rest of you think.

Vote: Does a smoking habit negatively affect a person's image where you work?
Absolutely. Smokers are rarely hired and are largely looked down upon in this office.
It's possible. Smokers who light up near the office are few and far between.
Probably not. People are largely judged on their skills and contributions.
No way. Some of our best employees and managers are smokers. Who cares about their habit?

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