Why Every Job Search is Different

What works for your friend may get you fired.

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When it comes to our job search or career efforts, we often feel like there's some secret solution that we haven't discovered. There's an enormous cottage industry dedicated to helping us find better jobs or succeed in the ones we have. But there is no secret solution. There's no one right way to do things.

In reporting my story on searching for a job when you've already got one, I spoke with several careers experts. I figured these issues would be simple and straightforward. I was way off.

In fact, in a couple of cases, the experts had completely opposing pieces of advice. That wasn't because one was right and one was wrong. It's because every job search is different. Every job is different. Every manager is different. Every scenario, circumstance, industry, company, budget, and time line is different.

That's actually a bit scary. Career wisdom is not one size fits all. What worked for your friend may get you fired. That's very important to remember when he's telling you how to negotiate for a higher salary.


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