A New Diet From the Burger King Ad Guys

Career conundrum: Why would the ad men who coined "Meatnormous" try to sell us on a new diet?

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We know well the work of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. This is the advertising agency that has given Burger King a makeover. As AdAge.com puts it: These are the guys "who coined 'Meatnormous,' introduced the Quad Stacker, and unveiled the Double Croissanwich filled with 'meat and cheese and cheese and meat.'"

(This is also the agency that's creating spots for Microsoft that will feature Jerry Seinfeld.)

But back to the meat and cheese and double meat—partners Alex Bogusky and Chuck Porter seem an unlikely pair to produce a diet book, to say the least. Selling self-control would seem a strange career move. But here it is: The 9-Inch Diet: Exposing the Big Conspiracy in America . The book is about portion control—eating your meals off a 9-inch plate.

From the publisher, powerHouse books:

Bogusky and Porter run what is arguably the most creative advertising agency in the country, if not the world. With years of experience manipulating the masses, two of the best tricksters in the industry explain how you as a consumer are being duped, and how you are actually a part of the conspiracy to make you fat. But more importantly, they teach you how to break the cycle.

If you're scratching your head, you're not alone. But this may in fact be a great career move for these ad men.

From AdAge.com:

One senior agency executive at a rival shop said it's just possible that this is Mr. Bogusky's clever way to advance a sentiment that's uttered only behind closed doors in the fast-food industry: that it is too often persecuted for the obesity crisis, when consumers' lack of dietary discipline is the real culprit.

It got me thinking: Don't people often sell products/ideas/services/companies Monday through Friday without being converts themselves?

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