DNC Bloggers Choose Yoga, Not Cheetos

MSNBC discovers that most DNC convention bloggers don't eat Cheetos.


Have you ever wondered what career bloggers' working lives are really like?

This morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, cohost Willie Geist quizzed the "Cheetos eaters, " aka the 400 bloggers covering the Democratic National Convention. Geist asked serious questions like "Have you ever, or do you now, eat Cheetos while blogging?"

Joan McCarter of Daily Kos said "No." She doesn't like getting crumbs on her keyboard. In fact, most of the bloggers answered in the negative.

Geist also asked around and discovered that most bloggers do not play Dungeons and Dragons. Few seemed to be fans of Star Wars collectibles, and Star Trek groupies were rare. In fact, most did not live in their parents' basements. (McCarter's answer: "My mother doesn't have a basement.")

One gentleman blogger—dressed in what seemed to be a kind of cow print—was quite forthcoming: He does indeed have an R2-D2 collectible and sometimes blogs from his mother's basement. In fact, said the gentleman blogger, he blogs everywhere—even the bathroom.

Whatever these bloggers do in their home offices, it doesn't sound so bad there at the convention. They're twittering away in the "Big Tent," an 8,000-square-foot structure with morning yoga sessions and late-afternoon happy hours. (Sounds a lot like a newsroom.)

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