Fiorina's Non-Gaffe: Could McCain or Palin Do Your Job?

The idea that presidential candidates should be able to run corporations is crazy.

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Yesterday, Carly Fiorina told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that Sarah Palin could not run a major corporation, but nor could John McCain or Barack Obama, for that matter. Running a business is different than running a country, Fiorina said.

Today: A minor uproar.

Fiorina pulls, or is pulled, away from public appearances.

Republican presidential candidate and former executive Mitt Romney goes on MSNBC this morning to defend McCain and Palin, insisting that he would indeed be glad to hire these two to run his company.


This might be the craziest thing I've ever heard. Neither of the two individuals on the Republican ticket has the corporate experience necessary for running a business. These two have been working their way up the political ladder. The corporate ladder is a different ladder.

I can't understand why Fiorina's comment could be interpreted as injurious to their campaign message.

Could Palin do your job? Could McCain? Could either one of them step in and take over your role as a ranch manager in Texas or a systems administrator in Chicago or a trademark specialist or a corporate securities paralegal? Does an honest "no" mean they're not qualified to be in the country's top political position? Hardly.

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