Job Search 101

A primer on the most important parts of the process.

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If you're out of work, you have lots of questions about the right way to do things. Look no further.

Here are key pieces of wisdom, from the Outside Voices experts who blog at

The Search

  • Keep your résumé from getting trashed
  • Attract a headhunter
  • Some steps to take right away
  • Advice to avoid
  • Ways to expand your search
  • Get online and on people's radar
  • The Interview

    • How to be the person they want to hire
    • How to treat your interviewer
    • How to treat the secretary
    • Questions to ask your interviewer
    • What to say if you're "overqualified"
    • Mistakes that kill your chances
    • Mistakes to avoid in a phone interview
    • Answering the salary question
    • After the Interview

      • Basics for following up the interview
      • How to handle the post-interview period
      • Writing the thank-you note
      • How to judge if the interview went well
      • How to survive a bad one

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