Employed Should Freshen Up Résumés

Don't leave the hard work of a résumé update for when you're out of work.

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Most of us don't think too much about our résumé until we lose our jobs, and then, of course, we obsessively tweak them—often for each application—and seek advice from family, friends, and professionals on the language, length, and format.

For a change in tradition, I'd encourage everyone who's employed to take some time out this week and freshen up your résumé. It's a good activity for a couple of reasons—it forces you to define your work and catalogue your accomplishments, and it may give you a bit more confidence about a possible future job search.

There are some great tools over at Boston.com: Here's a look at résumé types, and a very thorough critique of six different résumés.

Also, check out the résumé advice from U.S. News Outside Voices blogger Alison Green of Ask a Manager, who offers an inside look at why hiring managers would toss your résumé.


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