Fewer Can Count on Holiday Jobs

Survey finds more hiring managers will skip seasonal hires, while others will drop the volume.

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Just as more Americans will likely be looking for extra work to boost their incomes, fewer workers will be able to depend on seasonal jobs for extra income this year.

A survey of 1,000 hiring managers found that the average manager expects to hire 3.7 seasonal employees, a full third fewer than they hired last holiday season.

The SnagAJob.com survey found that more than half of managers won't be hiring any seasonal help—a figure that's increased 8 percent this year. Those managers still planning to hire seasonal help will be hiring about 9 employees each—20 percent fewer than last year.

If you are looking for a job, some advice:

  • Start applying now. Most employers will start seasonal hiring in October, but many began in August and September.
    • Shawn Boyer, CEO of SnagAJob, recommends that job seekers be willing to work flexible schedules.
      • Go back to an old employer. You have a major advantage if you've already worked for a company.
        • If you can't go back to an old employer, try sticking with an industry you know.
        • The bad news for those employed at companies that typically hire seasonal help: Most hiring managers are not skimping on extra help because they expect a slow season. Nearly 30 percent don't have the budget for seasonal help, and 50 percent expect their current staff to pick up the slack.