Boss's Day: Do You Deserve a Greeting Card?

A little advice for Oct. 16, 2008.

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Thursday, October 16 is Bosses Day—a day for celebrating our workplace leaders.

If you are the boss, it may be time for a checkup to gauge the health and effectiveness of your management style.

Some questions to ask yourself, as listed by the National Federation of Independent Business:

  1. Have you ever berated an employee in public?
  2. Have you ever taken credit for something an employee did?
  3. Are your employees afraid of you?
  4. Are you a "no excuses allowed" type?
  5. Do you expect employees to "know" or to "do" without telling them?
  6. Do you yell or shout at employees?
  7. Have you ever tried to belittle or humiliate an employee as punishment?
  8. Do you "lean on" or make it more difficult for someone who has displeased you?
  9. Do you play favorites?
  10. Do you constantly check everyone's work for quality?
  11. Are you reluctant to let employees make decisions?
  12. Do you expect employees to do what you ask without question?

To this list, I would add a few for 2008:

  • Have you addressed employees' fears about the current economy?
  • Are you encouraging employees to enjoy their weekends and evenings, or are you making it difficult for them to relax?
  • If you need extra effort and time from your workers, are you explaining exactly why and how it benefits and stabilizes the company?


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