Patrick Swayze: Working Man, Hero

A pancreatic cancer diagnosis hasn't kept this actor from the 9-to-5.


Any woman worth her salt knows Patrick Swayze's golden moment was his gruff line in Dirty Dancing: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

But that's past tense—stick it back in the cupboard next to the issues of Sassy and the patterned hair scrunchies. Patrick Swayze's golden moment is now. The actor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January is working 12-hour days on the Chicago set of his new cop drama, The Beast, reports the New York Times. Says Swayze: "I just love to work hard." Swayze, along with his producers, anticipates a second season as well. From the NYTimes:

"There is probably that little bird that flies through your insides and says, 'I sure would like to make a mark in life,'" Mr. Swayze said. "I've made a pretty decent mark so far—nothing to scoff at. But it does make you think: Wait a minute. There's more I want to do. Lots more. Get on with it."

Swayze seems to have the full support of the A&E and Sony Pictures Television executives. It's an incredible story, as it coincides with the death of cancer-discrimination researcher Frances Lomas Feldman, at age 95. Feldman found in her original 1985 study of cancer survivors returning to work that half of white-collar workers and 84 percent of blue-collar workers suffered discrimination.