Google to Employees: More Trick, Less Treat

Employee perks are limited as ad sales slow.


Google employees--long envied for their perk-riddled workplaces--are now, like the rest of us, facing the fallout of the economic slowdown, and the future looks a little less perky.

The company’s stock is now trading around $359, down from $741 last November, and management wrote in a memo to employees that they are looking to “find areas where efficiency can be improved,” reports the New York Post.

The details of the efficiency effort suggest employees will not likely find the changes a major hardship, nor solicit much sympathy from the rest of the working world.

From the NYP:

Gone are exotic treats like afternoon tea on Tuesdays, which has been suspended indefinitely. However, the company said there still may be "occasional surprise 'snack attacks' in the future" - similar to what employees get in Google's Mountain View, Calif. offices.

The company also is creating new rules for feeding guests and discouraging employees from taking meals to go.
"Please note that dinner is provided for those working late in the office and is not intended to be taken home," the memo said.

Meanwhile, the variety of snacks New York staffers can munch on in office "micro-kitchens" - areas designed to make it easy for workers to grab food while working long and/or odd hours - is getting slashed. Employees will soon be getting a questionnaire asking them to vote on their favorite snacks.

Additionally, Google is shaving a half-hour off the dining hours for breakfast, which has been scaled back from 90 minutes to an hour, as well as lunch and dinner which have been trimmed from 2 hours to 90 minutes


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