Guy Kawasaki on Innovation

Kawasaki says 50-year-old companies can innovate as well as a start-up.

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I've interviewed entrepreneurship expert Guy Kawasaki, and I'm a big fan of his online "magazine rack" He's written a new book, Reality Check, and I loved what he had to say in his interview(s) with Marci Alboher of the New York Times . An excerpt:

Q. Everyone is consumed with the evaporation of the credit markets these days. Yet many experts say that small business will be the source of growth and new jobs in this economy. Do you agree?

A. This is populist, wishful pabulum. It's easy to say that entrepreneurs will create jobs and big companies will create unemployment, but this is simplistic. The real question is who will innovate. A 50-year-old company can innovate as well as two guys/gals in a garage. [end block]