Does Your Office Encourage Socializing?

New survey suggests collaboration and socialization boost profits.


A new survey by Gensler, a consulting and design firm, suggests companies that encourage socializing and collaboration in the design of their workplaces may be more profitable than companies with a traditional workplace design.

An interesting excerpt of the findings, as reported in Human Resource Executive

Employees at top-ranked companies consider collaboration twice as critical to job success as average companies (43 percent vs. 21 percent) and spend 23 percent more time collaborating than average companies (36 percent vs. 29 percent).

Socializing was almost three times as critical to employees at top-performing companies (20 percent vs. 7 percent), compared to average companies.

HRE interviewed Franklin Becker, a professor at the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, who noted that the survey relied on self-reporting, and that “HR leaders should be cautious about implying that it was the workplace per se that generated higher profits without breaking down the outcome by factors such as industry type, company size and workforce demographics.”


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