A Great Interview Tip

Grab a video camera and a pal for this useful prep exercise.

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When preparing for an interview--make use of a voice recorder. It’s very easy. Enlist a spouse or friend to mock-interview you and tape your answers.

Then, you will be able to avoid precisely what Rowan Manahan, over at the Fortify Your Oasis blog, is talking about in in his post today. Specifically, sounding like this:

"My greatest strength? Well, you know, I would have to say that, like, my greatest strength is my communications skills? And, like, it's been like that all my life - you know? Even when I was, like, a kid, my teachers would say what a, like, clear speaker I was?"

When you’re done, play the tape back. Interrogate your speech. And if you find yourself talking like this, Manahan advises: “Then stop doing it. Really. Stop.”

I’d add that this isn’t just a good exercise for folks who tend to overuse the word "like," but also for catching mindless or nervous habits that can really throw an impression. Plus, tape recorders are cheap.

(Granted, if you can use a video camera, then you can catch other bad habits. Maybe you slouch when you're trying to project energy and enthusiasm. Maybe you look at the ground when you speak, or nod your head constantly while you're listening.)


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