Wall Streeters Have to Learn Job Hunting Skills

Many unemployed bankers are pounding the pavement for the first time.


Networking "pink slip" parties between out-of-work Wall Streeters and recruiters are being revived, reports the Financial Times. 

This bit was especially interesting:

The challenges for new job hunters are magnified by the fact that many of them have no experience of this kind of economic hardship.

“During the good years, financial professionals who lost their jobs could just sit at their desks and wait for a call from another company or a recruiter,” says Rachel Pine, who revived the “pink slip parties” first pioneered after the internet bust in 2001. “This is the first time they need to pound the pavements.”

Job searching is really a learned skill. It's learned through experience, but some of it can also be learned through good advice. We so often hear about the importance of having a mentor to coach and guide us on the job. Having a mentor for the job hunt is a good idea, too. There's almost certainly someone with whom you're connected who can help steer you through the tricky parts--like tying up loose ends with a former employer, or making contact with people in your field you don't know. Along with finding a mentor, try to find advocates for yourself, people who will tap their networks and roll up their sleeves to help you because they believe in you and your abilities.


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