South Carolina Unemployment Fund Near Insolvency

A standoff between the state's governor and unemployment agency is reaching crisis mode.

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South Carolina's unemployment benefits fund is expected to be empty by the end of today if Gov. Mark Sanford does not request a federal loan that would keep benefit payments running through March. The governor is expected to announce his decision at a press conference this afternoon.

Sanford has resisted requesting the $146 million loan until the unemployment agency agrees to meet his requests for a state audit and increased data reporting on the state's unemployed.

The state's 77,000 unemployed are no doubt keeping a white-knuckled grip on their TV remotes, awaiting the governor's decision. South Carolina Republican state legislators are reportedly rather unhappy with Sanford. One lawmaker called it a "heartless and cruel act."

Sanford was among those considered potential runnning mates for John McCain. Here, U.S. News drew up a list of  10 Things You Don't Know About Mark Sanford.

No. 11: Well, I guess we'll find out this afternoon.


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