Just For Men: For Second Careers

Hair dye company promotes product for older men before job interviews.

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I caught an interesting TV commercial this morning for Just For Men hair dye. A silver-haired father and his wife greet their son's acceptance into college with an understandable concern--how to pay for it? The solution: the father says he'll go for a job interview.

Next scene: Father's got a brand new, darker 'do.

Just For Men's tagline: "Stay in the game."

Apart from the largely unrealistic ease with which the father seems to have lined up an interview, the ad is a sort of startlingly straightforward take on the job search issue for older workers who are confident in their experience and skills, but less confident about their youthfulness.

This recession--and its painful effects on retirement savings--has forced many older workers back into the job market. But, interestingly, there are indications that older workers are actually steering through the difficult labor market more handily than younger workers. I reported in a recent story that while the number of employed people ages 20 to 24 dropped by about half a million in the year ending in November 2008, the number of employed workers ages 55 and older actually increased by nearly 900,000 over the same period, according to Labor Department data. (One thing that's unclear is the quality of those jobs.)

The Just For Men ad is new to me--does anyone else know differently?


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