Relaunches Website

The job search site is trying to help users find careers--not just paychecks.

By + More's new ads are funny. While a recession marked by deteriorating employment conditions may seem a strange time to market a sense of humor to job seekers--it could very well be the time they really want a laugh.

Monster's redesigned website is a little more serious--along with improving the ease of resume uploading (it says by 70 percent), Monster offers tools intended to help users evaluate careers, rather than merely find jobs. These tools--"Career Mapping," "Career Benchmarking" and "Career Snapshots"--let people explore logical possible routes from their existing job onward; compare elements of their job (such as salary) with their peers; and explore the specifics of a particular career with a "snapshot" of the job, including pay and outlook.

Over at cheezhead, Joel Cheesman offers his review of the redesign. He's pretty positive on the site's search experience:

"In looking at the list of results, job seekers can scroll over an ad title to get a snapshot of the position in about 150 words. Scrolling over other icons reveals mapping information, salary information powered by and an action button where users can save certain results. There’s also a movie icon, which I assume will provide employment branding videos at some point, but I failed to locate any examples. The results are laid out in a way that users don’t have to load page-after-page to see job data."

Cheesman is certainly less positive about the career tools, which he found confusing and time consuming. Has anyone else given these tools a shot yet? What's your take on the experience?


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