Update: Island Job Frenzy a Sign of the Times

An update on the worldwide interest in a six-month promotional Queensland gig.

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If you've heard about the seemingly dreamy $104,000 "island caretaker" gig being offered by Tourism Queensland and you've thought: "Hey, what have I got to lose? I'll apply"--you're not alone. This is a global recession, after all, and there's no shortage of island lovers on any continent.

There were so many interested applicants yesterday that the website (islandreefjob.com--where video applications must be uploaded) crashed and officials were forced to setup a second server, according to the Australian. The newspaper reports that the inability to access the site created near panic among job seekers--many of whom have called embassies, government offices and news outlets.

The only way to get this job--a six-month promotional deal meant to drum up interest in Queensland tourism--is with a minute-long video application uploaded to the site.

Here's the video created for the "Best Job in the World" promotion:


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