Ad Association CEO: Laid Off Employee Sent Hoax E-mail

It sure didn't seem like an E-mail RAB CEO would send to the press.

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At first it appeared yesterday that Jeff Haley, CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau, had sent an E-mail to the association's employees indicating that three executives had been laid off because of their inflated salaries, "'particularly when those individuals have added so little value to this organization,'" the E-mail stated, according to Advertising Age.

But Haley told AdAge he didn't write the E-mail, noting instead that it had been sent a couple of hours after the association had laid off five employees and he thought it was likely created by one of them.

RAB expects to seek "legal remedies," Mediaweek reports.

I'm not even going to write a "what not to do after you've been laid off" post. Whether true or's worth saying that losing a job is hard enough--getting sued (or prosecuted) is totally unnecessary.


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