Potbelly, Allstate Innovate for Recessionary Consumers

The recession brings out the creative side of companies and employees.


Potbelly Sandwich Works is offering $4 "skinny" sandwiches--less bread, less cheese, less meat and a slightly lower price for those minding their waistlines or watching their wallets (not a small cut of the population).

Allstate is experimenting with a new lower-cost car insurance policy that would require policyholders to pay the typical $500 or so deductible for damage to their car, as well as another $750 deductible in "physical damage liability costs" in accidents they've caused, Crain's Chicago Business is reporting.

This recession is forcing companies to find ways to continue doing business with a much more frugal consumer. It's likely to conjure some creativity from among the employee ranks.

What other innovations have you heard about? Share 'em below in the comments.


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