Starbucks Calls Off Decaf--After 12 PM?

The coffee purveyor says sales of decaf drop off in the afternoon.

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Call me crazy, but I would have thought Starbucks customers switched to decaf in the afternoon or evening, rather than imbibing the beverage before work in the early morn. But I'd be wrong.

Starbucks announced today that they will no longer have a pot of decaf at the ready after 12 p.m. each day. Instead, customers who request the brew will have to wait the four minutes it takes to brew a fresh one.

From a Starbucks statement E-mailed to Bloomberg:

“For many of our stores, the demand for decaf is greatly reduced in the afternoon,” the company said in the statement. “With our current standard of continually brewing decaf after 12 p.m. regardless of demand, we have seen a high amount of waste.”


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