25 Things (About Your Career)

What if the Facebook sensation of 25 Things was all about your career?


The Facebook sensation of "25 Things"--in which a writer shares 25 enlightening things about him/herself and then tags 25 others to do the same--would be an interesting and supremely helpful exercise if limited to work details. With so many careers seemingly devastated by the recession, a little context is called for.

For example: If Conan O'Brien wrote a list--he might write:

No. 7:  I worked at Wilson's House of Suede and Leather in Santa Monica after earning my degree at Harvard. 

(Someone I know who was recently laid off did indeed find a good dose of comfort in O'Brien's career arc, as the late night show host detailed in this commencement speech.)

OK, another example: If Oprah wrote a list, she might write:

No. 9: I only became a talk-show host after being demoted from my position as news anchor

Steve Jobs might say:

No. 14: I left Apple in 1985 after being forced out by the company's CEO. I didn't return to the company for 12 years.

Anyone else? Let's hear it...


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