Anna Wintour Gives Career Advice

The editor of Vogue suggests students need to be realistic.

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Anna Wintour, the famous First Lady of fashion (well, editor of Vogue), has some career wisdom for young designers facing the gray days of recession: temper your egos, kids.

From her interview with the WSJ:

If many of the most successful emerging designers are still struggling, what do you tell all the fashion students who want to be just like them?

It's important for young women and men coming out of the fashion schools to think seriously before starting their own collections. Anyone who wants to be a designer and thinks they're going to be the next Calvin [Klein], Ralph [Lauren], or Michael [Kors] is not realistic. It is much more helpful for them to go and study with an Oscar [de la Renta] or a Carolina [Herrera] -- someone who can teach them.

Beyond the fashion design niche, will this recession indeed mean a return to apprenticeship? Or, will brash entrepreneurialism lead the way?


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