Aisle Seats Best For Business Trips

A new study finds aisle seats can improve chances of avoiding a clot.

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If you're a frequent business traveler--and not as young as you used to be--clots may be a worry on your longer trips. Fortunately for you, researchers have discovered a rather simple factor in effective prevention: Choosing the right seat. In this case, the right seat is the aisle.

The researchers, from Lahey Clinic Medical Center, found that flying boosts your risk of developing a clot four-fold (a flight of 8 hours or longer is especially risky), but an aisle seat can make a major difference.

From Reuters:

They found that 75 percent of cases of deep-vein thrombosis were due to people not moving enough and most sufferers were in non-aisle seats where passengers tended to move less.

I suppose, while you're requesting your aisle seat, you ought to be glad you're the lucky guy or gal who still gets to take business trips.


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