Liz Smith: Internet Maven at 86

The gossip columnist will soon be online only.

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Liz Smith, the legendary gossip columnist, will soon be writing her juicy news bites for the web only. Joni Evans of the website (The Women on the Web) reported today:

Beginning next week Liz Smith will be posting more news, hot gossip and opinions all the time on wowOwow — free from the constraints of newspaper deadlines. Thursday will be the last Liz Smith column for The New York Post — the first time in 33 years that Liz Smith’s column will not be in a New York newspaper.

The New York Post did not renew Smith's column, Evans reports. She says the paper's editor Col Allan told Smith the Post had been "buffeted by unprecedented economic gales." Smith will also be a contributing editor for Parade magazine.

Oh that we would all be willing to chart new career frontiers at age 86.


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