Government Job Applications Could Get Easier

A new bill would ease the notoriously complicated and arduous process of applying for a federal job.

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A bill introduced by two U.S. Senators this week would simplify the notoriously complicated process of applying for a federal job.  Sen. Daniel Akaka and Sen. George Voinovich both indicated that the government is listening to the complaints of job seekers.

"Over and over, we hear of the problems in the federal hiring process. It takes too long; it is too burdensome, and so forth,"  Voinovich said in a statement. "The quality of technology has improved, but our processes have not. This does nothing to dispel any preconceived notions that the federal government is nothing but a bureaucratic system. It is time to convey to the thousands of men and women at all stages of their career looking for work that the federal government is more than just an employer, but a place where Americans can utilize and grow their skills in service to their nation."

Here are some of the things the bill would do:

  • Post brief, clear job announcements in plain writing
  • Allow applicants to submit resumes and cover letters, and no longer require essays
  • Provide timely notification to applicants on the status of their applications
  • Take no more than 80 days from the time a managers decides to fill a vacancy to the time an offer is made
  • Keep an inventory of all applicants who elect to be considered for other federal vacancies

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