Jim Schwantz: Former Chicago Bear Has New Job as Mayor

Former Chicago football player wins last night's mayoral race in Palatine, Ill.

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Former Chicago Bears linebacker Jim Schwantz will be tackling a new role as mayor of Palatine, Ill., a northwest suburb of Chicago. Schwantz unseated longtime mayor Rita Mullins in last night's election and said his victory was "extremely humbling," reports the Chicago Sun Times.

The former pro athlete didn't jump directly into politics--he has been working as an executive at a moving company. During the election, Schwantz told a local paper that his name was helping him getting in the door, "but then it’s up to me and the platform I stand behind."

If Schwantz is looking for other NFL-to-politics role models, he's got former Republican VP candidate and nine-term congressman from New York Jack Kemp, as well as former Oklahoma congressman Steve Largent.


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