Domino's Workers Must Not Read the News

If they did, they'd know how lousy the job market is.


The big marketing story of the day involves the Domino's workers who made a video of their behind-the-scenes antics--such as sticking a shred of mozzerella cheese up a nostril before using it to make a dish, and rubbing a dish sponge on a rear end.

The video became a viral, er, "success," ripping its way around the web and whipping into the kind of frenzy that looked tough for the pizza chain to quell. It was ripe to damage the brand, and Domino's knew it. So they responded with their own video apology to consumers. They traced the damaging video back to the restaurant--which they closed and sanitized--and fired the workers involved. (Authorities have also charged the workers with distributing prohibited foods.)

But, really, what about these now-unemployed employees? They're not teenagers. They're in their early 30s. Don't these people read the news? They face charges (although they have said that the food they defaced was not actually served to customers) --but they also face the worst job market in decades. About 5.1 million jobs wiped from the nation's payrolls since the start of this recession.  A recent poll found nearly half of Americans were concerned about losing their jobs in this continuing recession, and it's pretty clear that these workers were in the other half.

No doubt, there will be plenty of unemployed workers happy to take over their spots on the payroll when the restaurant reopens.


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