GradeGov: Reminding Congress Who it Works For

New site will allow voters to grade their politicians.

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If it's true, as a recent study indicates, that most Americans believe members of Congress care more about their careers than about helping the people they represent, then Americans need a way to regain their attention. Here's one option:, a site with the reassuring tagline, "They work for you. Remind them."

The site allows users to grade elected officials with the universally understood A through F scale. Grading can be done as often as once a day, which veers from the grade-school system quite a bit.

Site founder Elizabeth Letchworth is a Senate staff veteran. She told Politico that the site will give politicians a sense of constituent sentiment in a much-needed straightforward fashion. 

“They’re so busy. And even town halls are now orchestrated to only last an hour, get in and out, five questions. So it’s really hard for them to hear from their constituents in a real way,” she said. “It’s just the way the system has evolved.”

The only note I'd make is that the A-F grade scale is a bit like voters are teachers, rather than hiring managers. If elected officials really work for us, we should break out the performance review. "Check the box for Commendable, Satisfactory, or Needs Improvement." Sections could include Work Habits,  Communication, and Supervision of Renegade Party Members.


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